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Standard Options Include:

  •  Rear Connector
  •  Standard Conductor Tube – Part No. EL64J-60 (Stock No. 1640-1137) on all guns up to 15 ft (4.6 m)
  • Part No. EL64J-45 (Stock No. 1640-1136) on all guns up to 15 ft (4.6 m)
  • Conduit Liner – 44 Series


  • Operator appeal with ergonomic handle to reduce operator fatigue and extended trigger length to reduce radiated heat to welder’s gloved hand
  • Field repairable split-half handle case provides access for ease of repair with field repairable mechanical cable connections available
  • Improved performance patented contact tip with no threads cam style interface between contact tip & gas diffuser for increased surface contact
  • Ball & socket conductor tube design with articulating conductor tube and three layer conductor tube construction (Copper Tube/Silicon Resin Fiberglass Insulator/ Metal Jacket)
  • Wide range of welding applications spray transfer & pulse welding modes straight CO2 or mixed gases

We are the only stockists of Genuine Tweco 450 Amp Eliminator Mig Guns in New Zealand, originally introduced by BOC for a limited period in the 1990’s they quickly were recognized as an extremely tough and robust Mig Gun in the 450 Amp range and offering the best operator appeal with an excellent ergonomic handle, if you purchased one back then and took regular maintenance precautions it’s likely to still be operating today, they will cost more, but in this case, the old adage “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”, certainly is very applicable.

High duty cycles @ 450 amps (60%) using CO2 gas is it’s reason for longevity, for example 1.2mm E71 T1 family of wires which typically have a maximum current range of the 300 amp range which equates to 100% duty cycles without overheating issues, this is achieved by better engineering design and importantly much higher level of pure copper strands and all enclosed in heavy wall heat treated cable hose which equates to superior transfer of welding current which generates less heat, which equates to long work life.

By comparison, a Chinese made Mig Gun and let’s use an MB36 Binzel type as example has close to 50% less copper/alloy strands of a lower grade in the cable hose to that of Eliminator, generates more heat because there is less material to carry the weld current, equates to short working life.

We also stock a good range of spares parts for these torches, Contact Tips, Fixed & Adjustable Nozzles, Tip holders and Liners.

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