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The Transtig 300Ti offers all of the benefits of the powerful 300i with the addition of High Frequency (HF) Start on TIG mode. By incorporating HF start in the Transtig 300Ti we have created a unit jam packed with safety features, economical benefits, and inbuilt intelligence that is ideal for those specialist TIG welders mastering pipework in power stations, the mining or oil and gas industries, or anywhere you need a clean electrode and a higher quality weld.

Gas control is also at your fingertips – so there’s no more gas wastage. If you’re not welding, the gas isn’t flowing. And if you buy the optional TIG torch with adjustable control at your fingertips you can be assured that stopping to change settings on the power source is a thing of the past, as you can make your welding current adjustment as you work ensuring ultimate operator efficiency.


  • Fully compliant to As 60974.1-2006
  • Standards Compliant Voltage reduction Device (VRD)
  • Fail to Safe Shutdown
  • Deadman Switch (Stick) Available
  • Digital Voltage and Amperage Meters
  • Fan on Demand

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