Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet
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The NEW 3M Speedglas G5-02 with curved auto-darkening technology is here! New 3M? Speedglas? Curved Glass Technology follows the shape of your head, helping maximise your range of vision.
Designed specifically for high quality TIG welding, the Speedglas G5-02 is lightweight with precision optics.


New curved auto-darkening lens technology – a world first!
A massive 76 x 150mm viewing area
Curved lens offers a 100% larger field of view over traditional Speedglas lenses
New True-View with an extra-light shade of 2.5 – the clearest Speedglas lens ever
Dark shades 8-12
Four powerful arc sensors with advanced TIG Sensor Technology down to 1 amp
Slim profile and lightweight – just 535 grams
New Bluetooth connectivity for memory modes, shade selection and welding statistics
Intuitive control panel for easy switching
Made in Sweden with Auto-On
New internal cover lens design deflects exhaled air from the face
Curved lens helps reflect light and reduce glare
Optional full-size magnification lens

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