Speedglas G5-01TW welding helmet with heavy-duty Adflo PAPR

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The all-new 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet G5-01 TW with Heavy-Duty Adflo PAPR is an upgraded version of the hugely popular 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Air, with a suite of new technology. It offers a larger viewing area with superior optics as well as a 15% larger clear grinding visor, climate control, 50% longer Adflo battery runtime, Bluetooth lens technology, extra head and neck protection and an optional task light!

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Flip-up clear grinding visor (170 x 104mm), 15% larger than the 9100 FX Air
A massive 73 x 109mm viewing area
True-View optics for improved colour and contrast
Climate Control enables helmet airflow adjustments for added comfort
Adflo PAPR has a 50% longer battery runtime compared with the standard 9100 FX Air (12 hours)
Removable welding visor reduces weight by 35%
New Tack Welding Mode for a smoother dark-light transition
Bluetooth connectivity for memory modes
Configurable head and neck coverage
Shades 3, 5, 8-13
Made in Sweden with Auto On
Highest possible optical classification (1/1/1)
Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 50
Revolutionary powered airflow delivery results in improved respiratory protection and comfort (AS/NZS1716)
Two adjustable air flow settings (170/200 litres per minute)
Compliant with all relevant Australian & New Zealand standards.

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