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Swap and pay only for the price of the gas. No delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you. No rental fees, contracts, administration fees, or low usage charges.

Available sizes:  D (2.0m3), F (5.0m3) G (10.5m3)

The main industrial application for oxygen is combustion efficiency. As combined with a fuel gas it will produce much higher flame temperature.
It is used in conjunction with acetylene and LPG for brazing, glass blowing and cutting. While being Used with acetylene only for welding.
Other uses include beer brewing and fish tank oxygenation.


  Top Features

  • Diamond Core Technology™ – Delivers a forgiving arc, excellent out-of-position arc action, low spatter and a wide voltage sweet spot
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Drive – Dual gear-driven drive rolls deliver positive traction.
  • No Hassle Tool-less Design – For input power changes, wire spool mounting, wire drive service and polarity changes.
  • Spool Gun Ready – Just remove the standard MIG gun and plug in the economical Magnum® 100SG spool gun
  • Toughest PC Board Protection in the Industry – ‘Potted’ to seal sensitive components from the environment

Input Power

  • 240/1/50/60

Processes MIG, Flux-Cored

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