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Mobile multi-processing system with MicorBoost inverter technology.



MicorBoost Technology
The patented MicorBoost technology delivers maximum power and provides for a stable arc even in case of voltage fluctuations and operation on long cables.

Multi-processing welding machine
When combined with a separate wire feeder case, the Lorch MX 350 is an ideal choice as a MIG-MAG welding system for use on the go. As it is also suitable for TIG, electrode and CEL welding, the machine can be used across a wide range of applications.

Electrode welding function
Electrode welding with Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation: The automatic Hotstart feature guarantees perfect ignition every time, while the Anti-Stick system reliably prevents the electrode from sticking, and Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process by providing for increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer. Moreover, the Lorch MX 350 allows you to complete vertical down-welding operations using cellulose electrodes with perfect reliability.

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