Moldex 6604 SparkPlugs Foam Earplugs


disposable earplugs made of extra-soft, low-pressure foam for comfort and fit. Box of 200.Their extra-soft, extra-light foam and tapered design seal gently and snugly without pressure, while the outer surface is smooth, so it doesn’t irritate the ear canal.

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  • Australian Standards Compliance
    • AS/NZS 1337.1 – Eye & Face Protection.
    • AS/NZS 1338.1 – Protection Against Radiation Generated By Welding.
  • Auto-Darkening
    • Variable Shade, 5-13 filter lens fitted.
  • Equipped with Four Arc Sensors
    • Suitability for low amperage TIG applications
    • TIG Rating of 2 amps and above for DC & AC TIG Welding
  • Digital LCD Display and Controls for total control.
    • Welding, Cutting and Grinding “Modes”
  • High Impact Rating as for AS/NZS 1337.1
  • Reaction time of 1/25,000th of a second!
  • CIGWELD Magnification Lens Compatibility
  • Replaceable 2x CR2450 Batteries (With Solar Assist)
  • Viewing Area of 97 x 62 mm
  • Conditional 2 Year Warranty!



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